Finance and.....Food?

For those that know me, you know how much I love to indulge in food. Before my time at ASU, I laughed off the freshmen 15, but oh how real it is. I grew up watching my Mom and Dad cook, I've always loved The Food Network, and low and behold, I love cooking. Some people workout to relieve stress, I on the other hand, prefer to let it out in the kitchen.

I know the kitchen can be a scary place, or maybe you just don't want to cook because it's easier to get carry-out on the way home. Regardless of how intimidated you are by that sharp knife on the counter, or the fire on the stove, once you make a few meals you'll understand how easy and fun it can be. I'll try and show you some simple things to start, and maybe share a few of my creative meals along the way (homemade pasta and marinara above).

The majority of this site will be dedicated to helping young professionals find their grove financially and get on the right path towards a successful retirement, but I can't help but devote a small portion of it to the closet chef in me!

But now....the tie-in to the finance. Let's say you have a desk job, work 8-5, and go out to eat 3 days a week. Using an average cost-per-lunch of eight dollars, you're already dropping 24 bucks a week - That's almost $100 a month!! An extra $1200 a year. That's round trip airfare for two to Hawaii. Which would you rather have? Now is it practical to cut eating out completely? Probably not. But maybe packing your lunch one or two of those days? Absolutely doable.

As I get started on this journey, please feel free to drop me a note at and let me know your thoughts. If there is something you're wondering about specifically, let me know! I'm going to do a survey in the near future to find out what topics to hit first.

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